TOP 15 Online Car Auction Sites [Updated 2024]

Online car auction sites have revolutionized the way buyers and sellers interact in the automotive market, providing a convenient and efficient platform for purchasing vehicles. These digital marketplaces allow users to browse a wide range of cars, from everyday vehicles to rare collectibles, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The online auction market is increasing rapidly. According to the statistics, it expects to grow by $1.9 billion in the coming five years. With features such as detailed listings, high-quality images, and comprehensive vehicle histories, buyers can make informed decisions without the need to visit multiple dealerships.

Additionally, online car auctions often offer competitive pricing and the thrill of bidding, attracting a wide range of audience from around the globe. This modern approach to car buying not only saves time and effort but also opens up a world of possibilities for finding the perfect vehicle.

Best Online Car Auction Sites:

In this article, we at Automotive have compiled a list of car auction sites where you can get the best deal for the car of your choice. 

1. AutoTrader:

AutoTrader - Car Auction Site

AutoTrader offers many services along with auto trader cars for sale. You can learn more about the cars in your area and get advice from their experts. It’s not a traditional auction site. But, it connects you with private sectors and dealerships in your area. It has the filter option to search cars based on your preference of size, color, model, and model year. The AutoTrader is open to all buyers.

2. eBay Motors:

eBay Motors - Car Auction Site

eBay Motors has reserved its place in the list of best online car auction sites. It is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online auction site.

It is the best car auction site because one it is free for all buyers, two, both sellers and buyers have protection from fraud and three that it is not restricted to buyers from US only. Due to a large number of people using eBay, the deal price can get very high at times.

3. Bring-A-Trailer:

Bring-A-Trailer - Car Auction Site

Bring-A-Trailer is the best car auction for vintage and classic cars. If you are a vintage lover, you can find a range of vintage cars on your budget. At Bring-A-Trailer, there is a seller’s forum, where you can ask questions and find answers and also connect with people with similar passions. But, the car auction site is at the expensive end, normally starting at $99. The site is not suitable for normal buyers and sellers and only resides around classic and vintage cars.

4. CarMax:

CarMax - Car Auction Site

The nation’s largest retailer of used cars, CarMax is a dealer-only auction platform. Their no-haggle pricing system has made buying and selling a smooth experience. Only people as representatives of licensed dealerships can participate in auctions on CarMax. It has a massive variety of cars, providing wide options for you to buy your car.

5. Cars & Bids:

Cars & Bids - Car Auction Site

Another one of the best car auction sites, Cars and Bids allows its clients to sell used cars through a traditional online auction format. The site allows putting up vehicles from the 1980s, 1990s and beyond for the auction.

Sellers can list a vehicle for free and can earn up from $225 to $4500 on each purchase. The buyers are allowed to bid in $100, $200 and $500 increments, depending on the price of the model while proxy bids are not allowed on the site. 

6. Pcarmarket:

Pcarmarket - Car Auction Site

Pcarmarket is a car auction site restricted to only Porsche buyers and sellers. The listings on Pcarmarket are comprehensive and attract even discerning buyers. The social interactive platform on the site, DealTank, also helps users buy and sell vehicles that are not actively listed on live auctions. 

7. Craigslist:

Craigslist - Car Auction Site

Craigslist is one of the most easy-to-access car auction sites. It allows buyers to set locations and search for cars available in their area. Other filters, like the model, make, paint color, mileage, fuel type and cylinder make the process easy further. By-owners have to pay a flat fee of $5 to run their vehicle ads on the site. Craigslist does not offer all genuine ads on its site. 

8. Cars Direct:

Cars Direct - Car Auction Site

The site offers a comfortable way for buyers to compare the listing with local dealerships. An interactive UI of the site and detailed car buyer guides makes it the best place to sell your car.

You can directly apply for low-credit or no-credit loans from the website. It provides fast customer service for a smooth experience.


9. - Car Auction Site

It is a site that smoothly connects car buyers with sellers. They provide buyers, with tools and data to make an informed decision before signing a deal. The data intelligence of makes it a trustable platform for buying a car. 

10. Hemmings:

Hemmings - Car Auction Site

The car auction site allows you to advertise your car before thousands of car enthusiasts. The market goes away from the traditional auction listing and every listing goes through the team first. If the car is extraordinary it gets shortlisted for the auction.

The site has set prices for classified listing as $129.95 and auction listing as $99.95. It is not the right place for average car buyers or sellers. The listing consists of only classified cars. 

11. CarGurus:

The most popular car auction site, CarGurus has a traffic inflow. The ad listing on the website costs a fixed price of $5. It has a feature to let the buyers compare the price of your car to others. Hence, you need to research thoroughly before listing a price on your car. CarGurus has a fine UI and is easily accessible for everyone. 

12. Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace for Cars

Facebook offers a peer-to-peer marketplace forum for different items including cars. The listings on Facebook Marketplace are unregulated. Buyers need to go through the seller’s profile to check the genuineness of the listing.

The listings on Facebook Marketplace do not require any fee. They are not fact-checked or verified. Hence, these listings are very prone to fraud. You can offer to meet the seller in a safe area, and check the product personally before depositing the amount. 

13. TrueCar:

TrueCar - Car Auction Site

TrueCar gets its place in one of the easy-to-access car auction sites. They ensure that you get the best price to sell used cars. They provide pricing information not just from dealers of your Zip code but also from Zipcode from people who have bought the car.

It shows the graphical representation of the information for easy visualization. The website is the best place to sell your car if you are ready to get involved in researching and then putting up the price. 

14. Vroom:

Vroom - Car Auction Site

Away from the restrictions of selling used cars at auction, Vroom provides buying and selling of new cars as well. Vroom provides exclusive services for a smooth buying experience for the buyers. You just need to buy the car from their site, they will handle the paperwork and deliver the car at the lower 48. They also have attractive services like the pick-up facility of your old car and also offer a test drive of a week or 250 miles.

15. Spinny:


When it comes to purchasing a second-hand car, trust and quality are of utmost importance. This is where Spinny, the leading certified dealer of second-hand cars, comes into the picture. With a commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Spinny ensures that your car-buying experience is smooth, hassle-free, and accompanied by the assurance of a high-quality vehicle. Only after passing a thorough 200-point inspection that examines the condition of every component of the vehicle is a Spinny Assured car certified.

Ready to Drive Away with Your Dream Car?

The car auction sites have made buying and selling used and new cars a smooth experience for the users. The different websites listed above follow different pathways to make the car auction experience comfortable for the user.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector searching for a rare gem or a first-time buyer in the process of a reliable ride, online car auctions provide a dynamic marketplace providing to diverse needs and preferences. By utilizing technology and innovation, these sites continue to redefine the automotive industry, making it more accessible, transparent, and exciting than ever before. As the digital landscape evolves, so too will the possibilities offered by online car auction platforms, ensuring that they remain a cornerstone of the modern car-buying process for years to come.

But before sealing the deal, always check the genuineness of the site, buyer and product. The above 14 sites are some of the best car auction sites, that can help you buy or sell your cars.


How do online car auctions work?

Online car auctions work by allowing sellers to list their cars for sale and buyers to place bids on those cars. The auction usually lasts for a specified period of time, during which buyers can place bids on the car they are interested in. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is the winner & they are required to pay for the car.

Is it a good idea to buy a car from an online auction?

Buying a car from an auction is like getting it before any ad-on prices through dealers. Hence, you can get your dream car at the best price through online auctions. There are many car auction sites on the web. All of them are not worth your time and can also be dangerous at times.

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