26 Best Profitable Truck Business Ideas to Start in 2024

The transportation system plays a vital role in the financial and social development of a nation. Road transportation is preferable because of its advantages of adaptability, simplicity, and dependability. Trucks are the most preferred mode of cargo transportation. The advantages of road transport are contributing to the rapidly booming industry of trucking business.

In this article, we discussed the best truck business ideas for the modern era. Before we go ahead, let’s first answer the question, what is a trucking business?

best truck business ideas in 2024

The transportation business with a truck is known as the trucking business. It includes delivering passengers or goods from one place to another. The different kinds of trucks are suited for distinct business models. The trucking industry is a constantly growing industry because of its advantages like easy and flexible transportation, door-to-door service, and faster mode of transportation.

In 2022, the trucking industry was worth over $800 billion. According to Trucking.org, “$732.3 billion in gross freight revenues (primary shipments only) from trucking, representing 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill in 2020.”

26 Top Truck Business Ideas:

In this article, we listed the best truck business ideas. We will cover utility, investment, and profitable trucking businesses to start in 2024.

Let’s dig into the article to understand more about the trucking business you can start. 

1. Hotshot Trucking:

Hotshot Trucking

Hotshot trucking is primarily for smaller truckloads(Less- than loads). These deliveries are time-sensitive and usually delivered to a single location. The hotshot truck drivers and operators specialize in specific project-related loads like agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, and construction materials. It is a good example of a small profitable trucking business. A hotshot trucking business has low barriers to entry and low operational costs as well. The truck payments can reach $1000 for pickups. Also, smaller vehicles offer low fuel economy. But, the hotshot trucking business is a highly competitive market. Hence, you need to offer premium quality service to get the amount you deserve. 

2. Trucking and Cargo Equipment: 

A highly lucrative business idea for the trucking industry is providing trucking and cargo equipment. Businesses and companies often require different types of trucking and cargo equipment. You can either offer them trucks in demand on lease or sell them to them. A credible business plan in trucking can give high returns to the owners and operators. 

3. Box Truck Business:

Box Truck Business

Another less expensive trucking business idea is to start a box truck business. A box truck has a rectangular cargo box ranging from Class 3 to Class 7. The cargo box is usually 10-26cm long. A small box truck of Class 2 or 3 costs around $25000 to $45000 and can range up to $90,000 for a Class 6 box truck size. With a small box truck business, the owner-operator can make an average of $110,725 per year. A box truck is an ideal step to cover a less-than-load market. The expansion of eCommerce is a high contributor to the booming box truck business. 

4. Moving Business: 

The most common trucking business is the moving business. People often need assistance with shifting and moving places. The box trucks are perfect for moving household furniture, and loads of moving boxes in a box truck. A box truck is the biggest investment to start a moving business. This may cost around $25,000 to $60,000, depending on your business plan. You can also opt to rent or lease your truck. This is a great option for local moving businesses. The cost of the driver and at least one other person to help in loading the things.

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5. Local Delivery Business: 

Many companies and businesses often need to make local deliveries. The box truck local delivery business is the best trucking business idea to start. Box trucks are a convenient option for delivering supplies, medical appliances, and machinery locally. You can partner with several companies for all their delivery solutions. You can finance the box truck through a dealership or local bank and start your local delivery business.

6. Regional Trucking business: 

If you are looking for a trucking business plan with a large box truck, you can go for a regional trucking business. You can start a freight transport business specialized in regional deliveries. A large box truck costs $50,000 to $90,000. The business serves regional markets by transporting things like livestock, consumer goods, materials, and more. Freight transport has a profit margin of 3% to 20%, depending on the industry and sectors served. 

7. Mobile Billboards Business:

Companies often opt for advertising on vehicles and trucks. You can partner with the companies who wish to advertise on the side of your box truck. It is a non-conventional business idea, but the returns are profitable with a large margin. The cost of a truck with static billboards on the side starts at $24,000. The billboard business is a competitive market when it comes to static billboards. But, with mobile billboards, you need to buy a truck, partner with companies, and sell your space for their ads.

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8. FedEx Routes: 

 FedEx Routes

FedEx partners with local trucking businesses for delivery solutions. You can buy a FedEx route and make money off all the deliveries in your area. The best part of this trucking business plan is you don’t need to deal with finding contracts for your box truck. FedEx deals with all that stuff and you just need to focus on delivering on time. The vibrant market of FedEx routes offers huge profit margins and ranges from 10% to 45% at different levels. 

9. Dump Truck: 

A dump truck is a versatile business plan for the trucking business. The dump trucks are in demand at different industrial and sectorial businesses. With a dump truck business, you can serve several businesses. A new dump truck costs in the range of $100,000 to $180,000 or more while used ones might be available at a cheaper cost. Areas rising in construction activities and closer to mining operations have a larger potential for a dump truck business. A dump truck owner can make an average compensation of $97,174.

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10. Snow and Waste Removal: 

Snow and Waste Removal

Local companies, governments, or individuals often require dump truck services for snow and waste removal. The dump truck business for snow and waste removal can be very lucrative and a good truck business idea. Local governments and organizations often require dump trucks for snow removal in the winter season. At these times. Dump trucks are high in demand and can promise high profits. 

11. Junk Removal for Retail: 

There are times when people cannot throw unwanted belongings directly into the trash. Junk removal services are in demand at these times. Companies or individuals require the hauling of trash from their homes or godowns. Junk removal is called these times. The junk removal industry is a booming and competitive industry. A slow start with consistency can promise high returns in the future. 

12. Van business (Cargo & Passengers Van): 

Van business

Van business is a versatile truck business idea with two types, cargo vans and passenger vans. Cargo vans deliver goods. They are perfect vehicles for delivering goods around urban centers and transporting goods regionally. They can fit a fair amount of good and are easy to handle(drive and park). For the transportation of people from one place to another, passenger vans are the perfect vehicle. They are similar to cargo vans but have rows of seats for the comfortable travel of passengers. The cargo vans and passenger vans cost in the range of $25,000 to $35,000. They also bring high-profit returns depending on the service. 

13. Food Truck Business:

A food delivery business is an ideal idea for vehicles like vans and mobile trucks. You can deliver food to restaurants, catering companies, and governmental organizations. There are two routes you can opt for a food delivery business through vans. The first one is a bread route operation and the other is a simple food delivery business for different food companies. You can buy bread routes and deliver the loaves from factories of renowned bakeries to supermarkets. Hence, you can make money from every loaf of bread you deliver.

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14. Deliver Retail Goods: 

Some companies and businesses need to deliver goods like medical equipment, appliances, and various other goods from time to time. For smaller local deliveries, cargo trucks are the perfect vehicles. Box trucks can be a higher investment for less amount of goods. In these cases, cargo vans come handy and serve the best service. You can also start a moving business using cargo vans. 

15. Offer a Cab Service: 

A passenger van is ideally used for transporting people from one location to another. You can start a car service using a passenger van. You can offer shared ride services, charter van services, and shuttle van services and can even tie up with offices, hostels, or schools for offering car services. 

16. Mobile Car Wash: 

A cargo van offers many versatile trucking business opportunities. One such idea is to start a mobile car wash service. You can start a mobile car wash business with a minimal investment of $250- $400. If you have a cargo van, you just need to buy the equipment and you are good to start. 

17. E-Commerce Driver: 

eCommerce is a booming industry presently. You can take advantage of this high-rising industry and provide driving services for big eCommerce like Amazon. Your cargo van and trucks are the best vehicles for this service. You can connect through the nationwide networks of eCommerce and become their delivery partner. At a smaller level, you can also start a delivery service for small eCommerce businesses. Amazon, Flex available in some cities, offers a side-earning option by delivering parcels in your territory.

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18. Pest Control Business: 

Cargo Vans are the perfect vehicle for pest control businesses. Many household societies, institutes, and organizations often require pest control services. The cargo vans give a spacious and convenient transport of equipment and products for a pest control service. You can tie up with different organizations for regular pest control services and also offer on-call services. 

19. Mobile Food Truck: 

Mobile food truck businesses are highly acceptable business ideas presently. The truck offers a spacious set-up for kitchen appliances and food items. On the other hand, mobility is advantageous to cover multiple locations by the owner. You can start a mobile food truck business with an investment of $12,000. 

20. Courier Service: 

Truck Courier Service

A courier service business is a good business idea using cargo vans. You can deliver parcels, couriers, packages, and letters from one place to another. The local businesses often require courier services to deliver products and courier service is needed for those businesses. You can start a courier service with just a minimal investment of $300-$3000 depending on the areas you cover.

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21. Mobile Vending Machine: 

Seasonal fairs, amusement parks, and tourist places often require vending machines. You can easily start a mobile vending machine service using a truck. The mobile vending machine has the potential to make more money than a stationary one. You can park the truck in potentially crowded areas to earn more profits. 

22. Truck Driving School: 

The booming trucking industry is attracting a large population to learn to drive a truck. The promising money-making in the industry gives rise to a potential business idea of driving school. You can set up a truck driving school and offer teaching services to people who wish to learn to drive a truck. 

23. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Rentals Services: 

You can turn your trucks into recreational centers and offer on-the-go recreational services. This is a lucrative option for the trucking business. Recreational vehicles are often in demand at fairs, camping trips, and weekend getaways.

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24. Truck Rentals: 

Many companies, businesses, and individuals wish to rent trucks instead of buying them. You can offer your truck for such businesses and individuals as rentals. This can promise you a hefty return along with freedom from commitments. 

25. Towing Services:

Towing Services

A non-conventional business idea, you can set up a towing service for your trucks. There are times when vehicles break down on highways and the owners are in dire need of towing services. Your towing service can make money by helping people in such conditions. The largest investment in this business would be a tow truck which will cost in the range of $4,000 to $12,000.

26. Mobile Pet Grooming Salon: 

Pet owners prefer professional grooming sessions for their pets. This is a great potential idea for your trucking business. You can start a mobile pet grooming salon using your truck. The door-to-door service will attract a large number of clients. This is a high-profit business for those with professional skills in grooming pets. 


Launch Your Own Trucking Business Today

In conclusion, the trucking industry presents a plethora of lucrative business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. By leveraging innovation, embracing sustainability, & prioritizing customer satisfaction, entrepreneurs can carve out a profitable niche in this dynamic industry. So, if you’re ready to hit the road to success, consider these trucking business ideas and embark on a journey that offers both financial rewards and professional fulfillment.


Q: What are some profitable truck business ideas?
A: Some profitable truck business ideas include starting a moving company, offering freight transportation services, or operating a food truck.

Q: What are some potential challenges in the trucking industry?
A: Potential challenges in the trucking industry include rising fuel costs, increased competition, regulatory compliance, driver shortages, and the need to adapt to changing industry trends and technology.

Q: How can I market my trucking business effectively?
A: You can market your trucking business effectively by establishing an online presence, using social media to reach potential clients, networking with industry professionals, offering competitive rates, and providing excellent customer service.

Q: What is the best trucking business to start?

A: The best trucking business to start depends on various factors such as market demand, personal interests & available resources. However, some popular & potentially profitable options include starting a freight transportation company, offering specialized hauling services, or establishing a last-mile delivery service for e-commerce companies.

Q: How to make money with a box truck in 2024?

A: To make money with a box truck, you can offer delivery services for small businesses, transport household goods for individuals, or rent out the truck to others for moving purposes. These options provide opportunities to generate income by leveraging the versatility & cargo capacity of a box truck.

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