11 Best Tips on How to Stay Awake While Driving Long Distances or at Night

Many of us love to take our cars and go for a long drive. We travel through forests, bridges, or long roads. We must ensure that we don’t drive when we are sleepy. The practice can be fatal as when we are tired, the reactions become slow, awareness of the road decreases, and thinking gets impaired.

A tired brain might also prompt us to fall asleep while driving. It is dangerous to be on the road while one is drowsy. There are some tactics to keep one alert and awake while driving. Although it is best to get 7-8 hours of sleep before a journey, you should also find ways to stay alert on the road.

11 Tips on How to Keep Yourself Awake While Driving

Here, you can find a plethora of options to stay awake while driving any kind of vehicle. These tips will surely help you and execute the tips according to your convenience.

1. Get Enough Speed

Car Speed

A great way to stay alert while driving is by maintaining a consistent speed. Managing a speed of 80 – 100 kph will be enough to keep the adrenaline pumping. This will help your brain to stay alert. Driving faster helps to stay alert throughout the journey. This is especially true if you are driving on a highway and can manage to stay at a consistent speed without risking anyone.

2. Take Power Naps

If you start to feel sleepy while driving, you can pull over. You can take a short power nap for the next 20 minutes. The practice will help you become active again. If you feel drowsy, find a safe location and park the car. Lock your doors and snooze off for a few minutes and be ready to hit the road again. The practice will help you become active and about it.

3. Drive With A Partner

It is always a great idea to go on a trip with a driving partner. With a fellow driver, you can get a chance to switch. You can do this every two hours or as much as you need. You can be on the road and you can also sleep while your partner drives. Just maintain a rotation that helps you make up for lost time and relax a bit.

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4. Stay Hydrated, Drink Caffeine

stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can make you lethargic and tired. Drinking lots of fluids and staying hydrated is a great way to stay awake. Drink plenty of water and fluids. One can also take the help of caffeine as it will improve your alertness. This is a great way to stay alert for a few hours while on the road. A driver must take enough loo breaks in between to stay awake.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is not a great habit while driving. It makes you lightheaded and sleepy. You shouldn’t be involved in drunk driving. If you find yourself falling asleep due to this reason, you must stop. Take a break and relax for a while. This practice will help you reach your destination safely without any chances of an accident or a mishap. To stay safe you should avoid any intoxicants like alcohol.

6. Take Your Time

If you feel tired or do not wish to drive for a bit, you should stop. It is good to take plenty of rest and breaks. You should not speed if you are not feeling well while driving. It is better to arrive late than not at all. If you are not sure about it, take it slow and keep going at a steady speed as long as you do not want to drive at a faster pace. This is a good tip on how to stay awake while driving.

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7. Take A Light Meal

One of the wisest advice while driving long distances is to take a light meal. A heavy meal will make you feel sleepy. Ensuring a light and healthy meal can help you be on your toes. It keeps you alert for longer durations. If you do not feel like eating, take a light breakfast on the road. Take a nap if you are eating on the way. You can also choose the best energy drink to stay awake while driving.

8. Eat Healthily

healthy foods

Another key to being fit during a road trip is by having a healthy meal. A meal full of junk food will likely make you drowsy on the road. It is best that you eat light. Do not force yourself to eat anything unhealthy or junk. There is a list of food items that includes what to eat to avoid sleeping while driving. You can look this up before your journey.

9. Sit Up Straight And Stretch Your Body

Do not drive if you are feeling drowsy on the road. You might feel tired on your journey and in such a case you should stop. Take many breaks and do not speed up. This will keep you active on the road and ensure that you are always alert. A tired body can cause exertion. A relaxed body helps you stay energetic and awake.

10. Use Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to prevent yawning while you drive. It is a great way to maintain alertness on the road. You should pick sugar-free gum. It is a healthy option that will help you to stay alert without any chances of increasing your sugar intake. This will also be a great way to keep your jaws moving while driving.

11. Try To Occupy The Brain With A Task

While you are on the road it is a great idea to keep the brain occupied with some activity. Listen to energetic and loud music or keep chatting with someone. The brain stays engaged in this way. There are lesser chances of you dozing off while driving. What to do if you start feeling sleepy while driving?

Wrapping up:

The steps could be followed along or combined as per your requirement. All the above tricks and exercises will help you stay away from feeling sleepy. This will help to keep your body active and improve mental alertness. Following breathing exercises while driving. For instance, inhaling and exhaling can also be a great way to relax while driving. You can follow these steps to ensure that you stay alert. These tricks will help you to drive for longer durations. You will stay awake with these tips. Keep them in mind the next time you plan a trip. The tips will help you to have an enjoyable and safe journey.

FAQs on How to Stay Awake While Driving:

Q: Why is it important to stay awake while driving?
A: Staying awake while driving is crucial to maintain focus, reaction time, and alertness, reducing the risk of accidents caused by drowsiness.
Q: What are some practical tips for staying awake during long drives?
A: To stay awake while driving, try taking regular breaks, consuming caffeine in moderation, keeping the vehicle cool, and engaging in activities like listening to upbeat music or talking to a passenger.
Q: What are the warning signs of drowsiness while driving?
A: Warning signs of drowsiness while driving include yawning, heavy eyelids, difficulty focusing, drifting between lanes, and missing road signs or exits. If you experience these signs, it’s important to find a safe place to pull over and rest.

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