10 Best Truck Campers in 2024 for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

A truck camper is a recreational vehicle that is present inside the bed of the truck. The extra space serves the accommodation of a bed, a bathroom and a small kitchen. A truck camper is the smallest recreational vehicle. They serve a whole lot of advantages like convenient parking, simple traveling, general maneuverability, cost-efficient and easy-to-store. Now, let us come to the truck bed campers you can buy. 

Best Truck Campers of 2024

In the following article, we have listed the best truck campers to buy in 2024.

1. Lance 650: 

Lance 650 is the smallest and lightest of all the company’s models. It provides both luxury and comfort at very affordable rates. It provides a north-south queen bed, a full-size wet bath, a sink, and also a large kitchen.

It also provides a long enough dinette for an adult to sleep. The piece’s TPO nose cap of the Lance 650 gives it a modern sleek and aerodynamic look. With a dry weight of 1700 pounds and a height of 6 feet 10 inches long and 6 feet 9 inches wide, Lance 650 costs around $38,000. 

2. Arctic Fox 865:

Arctic Fox 865
Image Source: truckcampermagazine

A high-quality truck camper, the arctic fox has a smaller but comfortable unit. It is the ideal truck camper for people looking for high-quality and non-slide units. A modern interior of the truck camper provides all the luxury and comfort. It has an all-aluminum structure which is lightweight and strong. This all keeps the truck camper fully insulated from heat and cold. It has an arched head that insulates the roof even more in addition to giving extra headspace. 

3. Four-Wheel Camper Hawk: 

The pop-game specialized, Four Wheel Camper Hawk is one of the oldest truck campers. The modern model of the company is their flatbed model. The flatbed model is not a traditional slide-in camper model but mounts itself from top to bottom in place of the truck bed. The narrow girth and distinct rear kickback offer comfort even in harsh environmental conditions. The feature highlights of a flatbed camper are a 72*78 inches bed, a small kitchenette, refrigerator, a 12-volt portable toilet and a large dinette. The price range starts at a very affordable number of $30, 495. 

4. Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath: 

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath
Image Source: northern-lite.com

Northern Lite provides the most luxurious truck campers in the industry. They have fibreglass, “clam-shell” exterior. The fibreglass ensures a leak-proof structure and also provides an aerodynamic look to the truck camper. The truck camper provides a north-south queen bed, a dry bath, a large kitchenette, a face-to-face dinette and loads of storage. With a dry weight of 2650 pounds and a 9-foot floor pan, Northern Lite 8-11 Ex Dry Bath costs around $62,000.   

5. Lance TC 825: 

It is one of the best truck campers and the most popular in the marketplace. Lance 825 has an aluminium frame-block foam structure that keeps the interior insulated in all seasons. The one-piece roof also adds to the quality of the truck camper. It provides a queen-size bed, a roomy wet bath, a convertible dinette and a kitchenette. The dry weight of Lance TC 825 is 2110lbs and costs $39,032. 

6. Cirrus 920: 

Cirrus 920
Image Source: www.truckcampermagazine.com

A luxurious truck camper with a non-sliding is one of the best truck campers presently. It is a large and spacious truck camper and fits perfectly in 1 tin truck with 8 feet bed. The aluminium body and laminated Azdel sidewalls keep the interior perfectly insulated. It provides a queen-size bed, a spacious wet bath, a dinette and a well-equipped kitchenette. The truck camper has a hydronic central hot water system. With a dry weight of 3530 lbs., it costs around $38,467. 

7. NuCamp 820 Cirrus: 

NuCamp 820 Cirrus
Image Source: www.outdoorsy.com

NuCamp has come up with modern-looking truck campers with cutting-edge technology. Cirrus 820 is one of the most innovative and best-looking truck campers in the marketplace. The modern aesthetics of NuCamp include Alde Hot water, a wet bath, and electric jacks with remotes. It provides a spacious bed, a large kitchenette, a big wardrobe, a face-to-face dinette, A/C, microwave and AM/FM Bluetooth. The look is chic and classy and provides lots of space for storage. 

8. Hallmark Ute 8.5: 

Hallmark Ute 8.5

The Company provides high-quality pop-up truck campers. The Ute is a long-lasting model of the Hallmark RV because of its fibreglass and wooden core and moulded fibreglass composite roof. It provides a large kitchen, an east-west queen bed with bed storage, a wet bath with shower, toilet and sink and a 55-inch U-shaped dinette. The dry weight of Hallmark Ute 8.5 is around 1643 pounds and costs around $59,000. 

9. Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox 811: 

Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox 811
Image Source: www.rvtrader.com

One of the best truck campers for space, Northwood manufacturing provides the most spacious truck campers. It maximizes the space of amenities you will have during the journey. The dinette is convertible into a sleeping area and the slide-out gives space for a refrigerator. The fibreglass exterior and all-aluminium structure keep the interiors insulated in all the seasons. The truck camper provides a dinette slide, heated holding tanks, a roomy wet bath with sink, bed, and a large modern kitchen with an in-built microwave. The dry weight of truck campers is 1303 kgs and costs around $33,815. 

10. Bundutec Wild: 

It is the ideal truck camper for today, half-a-ton trucks. The Bundutec Wild has a rugged wooden frame, one piece of fibreglass and aluminium roof, and aluminium sliding. It has a grey water holding tank and a completely wet bathroom. It provides a large kitchenette, a refrigerator with a large storage area, a full-size dinette and a bed with under-bed storage. With a dry weight of 1,610 pounds and a floor-length of 7ft, Bundtec Wild costs $26,993. 


The truck campers are a must for comfort on any camping trip. The article gives an idea about the best truck campers in the marketplace. But, in the end, it comes down to your luxury, comfort and budget. If you are planning to buy a truck camper for your camping trips, keep in mind the features and specifications of the truck camper. 

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