How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Car Interior

When a car is in regular usage and less on time to be sent to the garage for repair, then scratches and marks on its interior part of the car that erupt with time, tend to make it look worn out. Not only the looks of the car take a nosedive, but also its resale value in the future. But amid the hectic life that we lead in a digital age, how do we ensure that we don’t miss our daily chores and also keep our car interiors spic and span? By ensuring that we time-to-time get scratches out from the interior plastic part of the car on our own! Yes, you heard that right. You can simply do this at home.

Moreover, there are different types of scratches such as scuffs, scratches, chips, and cracks that look ugly and untidy. We mentioned the different ways to fix scratches on plastic material.

What All Is Needed To Remove Scratches From Plastic Car Interior

You will need four basic things to get scratches out of plastic car interior, is answered well in practicality. You can use the same tools and tips to remove scratches from black plastic car interiors as well.

1. Heat Gun

Use Heat Gun

The first and foremost tool that will be used is a heat gun to warm the inside plastic to a functional level so you can re-establish it to its previous brilliance. You must make sure to just utilize the heat gun at half of its intensity so that the plastic doesn’t totally liquefy off the surface region. The heat adjustment should only be such that it gets soft enough only to get back into the previous shape by getting off the scratches.

2. Grain Pad

The next tool to remove scratches from plastic car interiors is the grain pad or sand sandpaper, which will clear off any rough plastic edges. This again has to be used delicately and slowly so as not to create further scratches.

3. Interior Cleaner

Car Spray Paint for Interior

A good interior cleaner that is used before fixing scratches on the plastic dashboard or elsewhere is usually a soap or mild alcohol-based cleaner that not only cleans the surface well but also further prevents fading and premature aging. It also works as a repellent to dust and dirt thereby giving the car a good finish right before you give final touches via the paint.

4. Spray Paint

If you are good at using the spray paint bottle, then go for the original one from the car shop. If you can’t handle it deftly, then use a sponge or microfiber cloth/brush to do the final touches.

Ways to Remove Scratch On Plastic Material

It is a six-step easy task provided you do it with slow, steady and patient hands. Patience is what makes the Car interior plastic scratch repair a perfect process and smooth finish.

1. Clean The Interior Car Surface

Clean The Interior Car Surface

The first step to getting scratches out of the plastic car interior is to clean the surface properly. This includes removing the excess plastic that has created a rough edge when the car met with any impact. You can use a razor blade or sandpaper depending on how rough the plastic rough edge is. Also clean the surface for any foreign particles, dust, dirt, etc. can use water or some soft plastic cleaner.


2. Using Heat Gun

A heat gun under controlled temperatures can be used to recreate the original shape and finish. If you ask us for the most important tip to fix scratches on the plastic dashboard, then we advise – Be patient and work slow. Reshape the part/parts slowly.

3. Cool and Evaluate

Let the reshaped surface cool down completely. Then review if the car interior plastic scratch repair looks smooth and closer to the original. If not, you can try to reshape again with the heat gun, else just move to the next step.

4. Using Filler Putty

If you think a certain car interior plastic scratch repair area isn’t perfectly reshaped, then go for the filler putty and fill the gaps.

5. Paint The Repair

Select the paint that is exactly the same, you can always find that in the car market. Once all looks smooth and done, paint the repaired area with swift and steady hands to recreate a perfect look.

6. Plastic Scratch Polish Kits

Use a high-quality plastic scratch polish kit so that it makes you do the final touches with finesse. Use a soft brush or foam to do the final polish, once all is set.

Hope we have answered each of your doubts and queries on how to remove scratches from the plastic car interior parts. Also if your car interiors are vinyl, you need not panic. Just avoid the heat gun and go for a Vinyl Fixing Tool Kit, simple.

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